How Do Ismailis Use the Qur'an?

Ismaili Muslims use the Quran daily as follows:

  • Chapters and verses of the Qur’an are recited in the Ismaili Du’a’ [daily prayer] thrice a day by all Ismaili Muslims. 
  • One of the Prophet’s duties was “teaching the Book and Wisdom” (see 62:2, 3:164; 2:151). Teaching the Book does not simply mean “recite the Qur’an” — as that is a separate duty called “reciting Our Signs” and reciting the Qur’an says nothing about understanding its meaning. Teaching the Book and Wisdom means giving instruction (ta’lim) to the believers on how God’s guidance and its inner meaning are to be applied in daily life. This sort of teaching is provided by the Imam in his farmans which are read daily in the Ismaili Jamatkhanas. 
  • The various rituals in the Jamatkhana such as du’a’ karavi performed daily are the embodiment of the Qur’anic principles.
  • The Ismailis do not merely recite the Qur’an, they live the Qur’an and embody the Qur’an through the regular practice of Muslim values and ethics. 
  • The Qur’an’s reality transcends its Arabic and recited dimension. The Qur’an’s essence is spirit (ruh) and light (nur). Thus, there are more ways to experience the reality of the Qur’an than reciting its Arabic text: 
"And that We have inspired you [Muhammad] with a Spirit (ruh) from Our Command. You did not know what was the Book (kitab) and what was the Faith. But We have made it a Light (nur) by which We guide such of our Servants as We will. And verily, you guide to a Straight Path.”
- Holy Qur’an 42:52

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